Hortatory Exposition

Oke, kali ini gue mau sharing lagi ttg materi bahasa inggris yaitu hortatory exposition.

Langsung aja ke penjelasan

A. What is hortatory exposition?

Hortatory exposition is a type of spoken or written text that is intended to persuade the listeners or readers that something should or should not happen or be done.

Hortatory exposition adalah jenis teks lisan atau tertulis yang dimaksudkan untuk membujuk pendengar atau pembaca mengenai  sesuatu yang seharusnya atau tidak seharusnya dilakukan.

B. Generic Structure of Hortatory Exposition

1. Thesis : Statement or announcement of issue concern

2. Arguments : Reasons for concern that will lead to recommendation

3. Recommendation : Statement of what should or should not happen or be done based on the given arguments

1. Thesis : Penjelasan mengenai text Hortatory exposition. Kalo gue ngeartiin thesis ini adalah semacam paragraf basa-basi untuk memulai Hortatory exposition.

2. Arguments : Alasan-alasan/bukti2 pendukung

3. Recommendation : Saran dari si penulis

C. Example of Hortatory exposition

Ini adalah contoh dari Hortatory exposition, dimana ini adalah tugas dari Ms. wiwi. Jadi, ini adalah buatan gue sendiri, mohon maaf kalau salah ^^

It’s an example of Hortatory exposition. It’s my task from my teacher, she’s Ms wiwi. So, it’s created by my self. Forgive me if i have a fault ^^

Mobile Phones Should Not be Banned in School [Tittle]

Mobile phones is not used just for calling, but sending text, taking pictures, accessing internet, and much more.
Many students bring their phones to school. For them, mobile phone has many uses. So, mobile phones should not be banned in school. Why do I said that? [Thesis]

Firstly, students call their parents for other needs. By mobile phone, student can call or their close relative if they need something to be brought to school. In addition, mobile phone can be used to call their children when one of their family were hit by disasters suddenly. And then, student can called their parent to pick her up when want to go home. [Arguments]

Secondly, increased of knowledge among students. When trying to find answer of difficult task at school, mobile phone can be used as a connecting to search the answer through GPRS or WiFi networks. [Arguments]

Finally, expand the network of friendship among students. School is the right place to find friend. Average, student been at school about 7 hours or more. So that, alot of students found their friend in the school environment . Therefore, communication between friends should be kept on of which using a mobile phone. [Arguments]

So, i think mobile phone should not be banned in school. But, use your phone in the time and right place so that no one was disturbed. [Recommendation]

It’s really created by my self. If I have a fault, please correct me ^^

Semoga bermanfaat ^^


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